Much Magic

Henry Graham Murray & Chris Balzano

Connect with Crystals - Wednesday August 16th at 6:30pm - in Venice California


with Henry Graham Murray 
Wednesday August 16th - 6:30 to 8:30pm - $23
At Mystic Journey Bookstore on Abbot Kinney in Venice CA.

An opportunity to experience and deepen your connection with Crystal Consciousness.

Bring your crystals | jewelry | gemstones and/or work with ours.

We will focus one on one to explore intimate partnerships with crystals.

We will then co-create Optimal Futures - What we want for ourselves for loved ones and for the world.

In previous workshops:

One brought a Carnelian necklace given by a friend to bring a sense of confidence. However, she didn't feel any connection with the necklace and no increased confidence. She felt the stones were working against her. We delved into the problem and in short order the necklace and the owner were connected and basking in a glow of confidence.

One brought a powerful generator crystal which she couldn't work with as the energy was too disruptive to her as an empath. We worked with grounding stones and clearing stones to found the balance and focus of the power of crystal and owner working together.

One was learning to work with crystals with Reiki and wanted a greater sense of how to feel the particular energy of individual stones and bring that into healing work. Asked to choose any crystal on the table that called her, she chose an Apophyllite cluster and was quickly lost in its shimmer and glimmer. When asked what she was feeling she said "Joy". At that moment a Hummingbird flew into the room and hovered over us all for a minute or so. Joy is the resonance that Apophyllite classically generates. Joy is the resonance that Hummingbird classically symbolizes. A truly magical moment.

6:30 - 8:30pm 
$23 - tickets from the cash desk in store.

Henry has worked with crystals for healing and changing personal and world realities for many years. He taps into other of his Crystal Magician lifetimes and is also guided by the consciousness of the crystals with which he works.

Discover your True Passion, Open to your Beauty and Aliveness

Henry offers "Creative Conversation: Magic in the Telling" to help you discover and illuminate your true Passion: to open to the Beauty of your Being and the Power and Joy of your Aliveness. 

"I had been working 26 years in my family manufacturing business with no idea of where I  really wanted to go in life. With a few well placed questions Henry opened me up to a whole new thrilling vision for my future. The seeds have been there all along and it is so exciting to feel on track at last."  Paul K, Indianapolis, IN.    

"Whenever I talk with Henry I get such clarity about more of who I am." Norma M, Barcelona, Spain.

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About Much Magic

Much Magic is a collaboration between  Henry Graham Murray and Chris Balzano to co-create unique events featuring Sound Baths together with the workings of Crystal Magic.

You will also find here details of individual offerings from Henry and Chris.